Before ordering any of our Personalized Mini Badges please read the following:

Personalized Mini badges whether for a Necklace, Bracelet Pendant Charm, Family or Friends mini badges for Id cases or wallets take from 8 to 10 weeks to make and delivered to the customers.
We require identification for most purchases of any of our Mini badges that indicate affiliation with a law enforcement agency or department. 
We reserve the right to request ID for any Mini badge ordered on our site at our sole discretion. When you place your order we will email the customer with the attempt to verify the identity of the buyer. We reserve the right to cancel any order with a full refund if proper identification is not provided.
These miniature badges have no authority and personalizing these Miniature badges or Charms do not promise you an official badge. These miniature badges and Charms are not issued by any agency or Dept.  We make every attempt to verify the identity of a purchaser. The law prohibits the fraudulent use of any badge or identification. These are not official items and purchasing any of these products from does not constitute permission to use the item for official business. Any use is done solely at the responsibility of the purchaser.
If you are unable or unwilling to supply proper identification for your order, your order will be placed on hold. You can request a refund of orders held for this reason by emailing us with your name, order number, and the reason for the request.

Thank you,