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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        FIRE FIGHTER FLEECE BLANKETS 

Throw Blankets

Our luxurious 100% polyester throw blankets are priced at an affordable price. Our throw blankets are expertly tailored, featuring 100% polyester for optimal softness, warmth, and hassle-free maintenance. Our blankets are durable, lightweight, and easy care, making it perfect for cold weather or as a snuggle blanket in the summer. Varied sizes make this throw perfect for snuggling with family while enjoying a hot cup of coffee and watching television. 
BLANKET SIZE: This blanket measures 50”x60” inches and is perfect for your couch, sofa and toddler bed; fabric content: 100% polyester. Our blanket is just the right size to snuggle under as you watch a movie or read a book. Tuck into the camper for an extra blanket to ward off the chill when gathered around the campfire. Show your patriotic pride.
CLASSY DECOR: Our blanket adds extra texture to your decor and turns your room into an inviting space with this simple yet classy elegant design; drape it over a chair, couch or bed to add an exotic stylish touch to your living room or bedroom. 
ALL PURPOSE: Our blanket serves as many purposes as you need and is practical for everyday use. Perfect as a couch blanket or a bed blanket.